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The foundation of Mini Rodini is our pioneering ethical spirit and production line. Founder and Creative Director Cassandra Rhodin is a passionate advocate against mass consumption of cheap, conventionally produced products. As a result, Mini Rodini carries one of the most sustainable ranges on the market with collections made from over 99% sustainable materials.

Where do you see the future of kid's clothing?

– We as consumers have to be more aware! It’s not enough to only buy organic cotton, if it’s not certified it could mean the cotton is organic but the production is conventional, so we could still have hazardous chemicals in the production. And we should start buying other fibres, it is dangerous for our eco systems to produce so much of only one kind of crop, Tencel and Linen for example are great alternatives to cotton. Everybody needs to buy less in better quality and more second hand. The high-street chains are selling designed garbage, that’s not a sustainable way forward at all.

Why does Mini Rodini choose to use organic/sustainably-manufactured materials?
– The textile industry can be a dirty business and I didn’t want to be a part of that, so for me it has always been the right way or no way at all. I started really early with the sustainability work, but we didn’t start to communicate it until many years later. The sustainability work is in the DNA of Mini Rodini and it comes out of the vision to make great clothes for kids, without compromising on social and environmental aspects of the production.

For what do you pay special attention to when it comes to sustainability and do you have tips on how customers can contribute to it?
– Me and my team always do our best in order to make as sustainable clothes as possible and our collections include over 99% products made from sustainable materials yearly. We are just doing what all companies should do.

Why is it important to use sustainable materials in children’s clothing?
- I think it’s super important to use sustainable materials in all clothing production - but it is much easier to find good alternatives for kids than for adults. Besides trying to always source the most sustainable options we also put in a lot of work into the control of chemical use. The garments that are made from recycled polyester and plastic waste - such as many of our jackets and swimwear - are GRS certified. GRS is the strictest certification for recycled materials on the market today and include rigid controls of special chemical use and tracking, but also of working conditions. This is the only way for us.

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