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    In-store exclusive UNLABEL

    In-store exclusive UNLABEL

    Welcome to our new location in the heart of the Miami Design District!
    (168 NE 41st Miami, Fl 33137)
    In this very special winter time, we are featuring a perfect monochromatic collection from Unlabel.
    unlabel, teens, tweens, fashion
    Founded in Lithuania in 2012, the Unlabel brand does not follow trends and offers timeless fashion. So that everyone can express their sense of style, Unlabel creates clothes with cuts promising the look but comfortable, all made of quality materials and refined.

    C'est Chou by Sienna

    A stylish concept for girls.


    A good outfit reflects on the way a person feels. If you put on your favourite oldie but a goodie tee, it carries good memories with you the entire day. A new dress will turn a regular day into a special one. Some beautiful and unusual pieces can be found in C'est Chou by Sienna created by Vivien Kozlovski and Ulrike Bahrmann. The store opened in the Miami Design District in October 2016.



    Vivien, how did you come up with the idea for C'est Chou by Sienna?  

    My partner and I, noticed there was no real fashion for girls 8 to 16 in Miami. Children stores here have "babyish"clothing and the ones for adults don't carry sizes that fit teenagers well. I travel a couple of times a year to Europe and shop for my kids there, and all my friends would ask where I had gotten the outfits for them. And then one idea led to another and my partner and I were encouraged to open a store with our sense of style for their teenage girls.

    What age groups are in your main focus?

    We mostly focus on girls 8 - 14 because they are the ones going to their first dance, communion, bar-mitzvahs party or just hanging out at a BBQ. These parties are not just a family commitment, now they are geared to young active girls that want to dance, express themselves and start showing their sense of fashion. 

    How do you find so many interesting brands?

    We usually find them when we travel around the world. At the moment we carry 13 different brands, they are from all over the world. We look for brands that we would wear as adults, yet they have a special 'oomph", unusual designs that don't go out of fashion and can be worn by little sis! The ones that nobody in town has. We like both romantic and rock-n-roll looks! The mood is everything.

    Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

    My parents were always in circles with famous designers from Europe and Latin America and personalities that influenced fashion in 70s-80s. My mother has always been my role model in fashion among other things. I was brought up by the motto "a woman is never elegant enough". I think both my parents were always dressed up and in style.


    What did you do when you were Sienna's age?

    I used to read my mother's VOGUE and BAZAAR and dream about becoming a model. My idol was Cindy Crawford and my favourite outfit was a yellow skirt that would twirl up; and when I grew older my staple clothing was a pair of Levis 501 and a Versace bodysuit.


    What's the strongest childhood memory of you and your mother?

    When my parents took me for the first time to DisneyWorld, I can clearly remember my mother in Jill Sander suit and my father in slacks with a Dark Blue Blazer. No idea what I was wearing! People must have thought we were the Adams Family or direct descendants of Mr Disney.