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    Love is in the air

    Modern-romantic look is a go-to this season. Wear flowy knee dresses with sneakers, romantic smocked tops with jeans and sweatshirts with ruffles.


    Flowers look best with check and stripes. Don't be afraid to look too girly!

    MOLO The World is ours! Worldmap Collection


    Not mine. Not anybody else's. Ours.

    We might be different from each other but we are still a part of something bigger. We are part of it all.


    If we work on our everyday routine we can do a huge impact on our planet. There are many environmental hazards that we can avoid by using eco friendly materials. For example, balloons, whether they are released intentionally or not, return to us as ugly litter - including those marketed as “biodegradable latex”. There is a very simple solution to this problem - using tissue paper pompoms. They are pretty, colorful and can be easily made at home.


    MOLO has released a collection that reminds us about our impact on the planet. It contains bags and clothes with a print of the World Map. Black&white colors can match any of your favorite outfits.



    MOLO Travel Bag Gymbag World Map Dark

    Cool travel bag with a digital world map print, handles and a long shoulder strap. It has an inner pocket with a zipper and two open pockets for, e.g., mobile phones, a wallet or notebook.

    Designer of Little Remix; Charlotte Eskildsen, and her idea of founding a sustainable clothing brand

       Charlotte Eskildsen and her husband Niels Eskildsen founded Designer Remix in 2002 and their main focus was sustainability. They started an amazing concept which was to turn dead stock from various Danish brands, re-design them and give them a fresh new look.  The main idea was to reduce waste by giving the clothes remix look, a fresh, different edge to the garment. 

       They have received various awards and celebrities have loved their concept and design by wearing them, such as Rhianna, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, the Kardashian clan, Gigi Hadid.

       As demand grew, the company was transformed into a ready-to-wear women’s brand with suppliers and production facilities. 

       Now they are in the forefront of Recycled polyester.  Plastic Fantastic!  Plastic bottles from waste in the sea can be melted into fibers and then spun into polyester. And the best part is that it can be recycled and re-used over and over.

       Being fashion conscious is the new trend and its here to stay.



    Les Coyotes De Paris, is a new brand that is geared towards Tweens and Teens. It is a modern yet classic brand. They take classic design and give it a unique and rock 'n roll twist to it.  Since they have a women's line, the girls line is made with the same detail oriented and perfection for quality.

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