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The Perfect Kid’s Accessories for Any Time of the Year

Accessories are the perfect way to make an outfit pop or tie a shirt, shorts, or skirt together. Vivid-colored accessories are fun to wear and are a fashion statement in themselves. At C’est Chou, we have the perfect kid's accessories for any time of year!

Adding a pop of color to an outfit is as easy as accessorizing. Bags, headbands, a cute hat, belt, or colorful bows. Kid’s clothing accessories can pull the outfit together or add a sense of personal style to your child’s wardrobe. The best part of the accessories at C’est Chou is that they are eco-friendly!


Bags for kids

This Bonton X Sonia Rykiel Cabas Carro Vintage Check Bag by Bonton is a smart addition to any outfit. Trendy in its Scottish plaid of navy blue and ecru, the bag sports a fake sheep lining. It’s ideal for carrying any girl’s worldly possessions or other fashion accessories!

Accesories for kids

Bonton’s Cabas Fun Fleur Vintage Tote made of 100% Cotton pays homage to the 70’s. Pink and yellow pastel daisies and posies cover this roomy designer bag. While this bag is perfect for a long weekend, your girls can use it for school or to carry their prize possessions!

Bags for kids, cest

Piccolo Ludo’s Girl Monterosso Straw Bag is a so unique! Made of straw with a chic pink ruffle, it will be a must-have for the girl in your life. The bag has leather cinch cords with a cloth topper in pretty pastel florals. The perfect accessory for the girlie girl in your family! The ideal kids clothing accessory for church, dinner with her family or an evening with the gang!


Kids accesories cest

Mini Rodini’s Girl Roses Pompom Beret VKA Black Hat is so cute with its roses and black pompom!  Made of organic cotton, this velour hat has a velour lining and colorful red roses. Paired with a red, black, or green dress or blouse and shirt, she will be the best-dressed girl in the room!

Hats for kids

This Mine Multicolor Striped Hat by Bellerose gives off a vintage vibe. It is a fashionable kid’s clothing accessory! Hand crocheted in Nepal. It features multiple colors making it the perfect go-to accessory. It is the ideal unisex accessory for the fashion-conscious kid!

Hat accesories for kids

This adorable Kids Carolina Coracao Hat by Wolf and Rita is an excellent accessory for fun in the sun! Whether playing at the beach or hiking kids of all ages will be stylish and protected from the sun’s hot rays!  The bold blue and red pattern make it a fan favorite!


belts for kids

These Kids Cylia Belts from Bellerose are adjustable! Made from stretchy elastic in a fun, blue-checkered print and dip-dyed stripes, will go with just about anything. Perfect for jeans, shorts, and a dress. This belt can go from casual to dressy depending on the occasion!

Belts for kids, cest

This Boys Leather Belt by Scotch and Soda is 100% cow leather. Its neon green accents on the sides are trendy and will make it his favorite accessory. Fancy enough for church or school, this belt works well with jeans and khakis too.

Accesories belts for kids

The Girl Shinny Belt from The Animal Observatory is 100% Buffalo leather. It comes in red or gold and is a chunky belt with lots of style! Worn with pants, over a shirt or cinching a dress, it screams “Fashionista!” A fun and flirty accessory every girl will be asking for!

Headbands and Bows

Headbands for kids

Girl Chiffon Hairbands by Paade Mode are the quintessential hair accessory. Whether she loves the Flore multicolor or the Marchesi multicolor, they will accent the perfect hairdo. This cotton/silk belnded hairband can be tied in a bow or circle her cherubic face as a hairband! 

Accesories headbands for kids

These Girl Hairbands by Christine Rhode are 100% Cotton. They can be worn individually or paired with a its matching dress or skirt. Pretty blue and pink patterned-pastel hairbands are a feminine touch to any outfit! Pretty in pink or beautiful in blue, let your girls choose!

Accesories bows for kids

Wee One’s Mini King Classic GrosgrainHair Bow will look sweet in any girls hair. Mde with Wee One’s signature no slip hair clip, they stay put wher you clip them! The bow comes in six bold colors, Red, yellow, blue, green, pink and light blue. These bows will match everything she owns and then some!

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