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The Principal Conscious Brands Clothing That You Should Know

People who care about the environment know that it is not enough to recycle, use the car less or choose not to use single-use plastics. Clothing consumption habits must also change.

Although fast fashion is a trend due to its cheapness and the variety it offers, this consumption scheme makes us buy clothes, wear them, break them, or go out of style quickly and must buy clothes again, which is not only unfriendly with your wallet, but with the environment since low-quality clothing is thrown away as rubbish and is rarely recycled.

Fortunately, there are conscious clothing brands that have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment so that consumers can buy clothes that are great quality, look great, and last.

At C'est Chou by Sienna, we tell you what they are:

Designers Remix

Designers Remix is ​​a clothing brand for women and teenagers where you will find a wide catalog of dresses, tops, pants, t-shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, accessories and more. This Danish fashion house was founded in 2002 by Charlotte Eskildsen; her first collection being made with leftovers from other clothing brands. Its designs are characterized by a minimalist approach, asymmetrical geometric figures, fine fabrics and for being a brand committed to the environment.

Bobo Chose

If you don't know about Bobo Choses yet, you're going to love it! This brand is a pioneer in Spain by presenting a different concept based on colorful designs and environmentally friendly garments, as it is characterized by the local manufacture of its garments and collections, in addition to the use of high-quality, durable materials that at the same time have a low impact on nature, like organic cotton or recycled polyester.


BONTON is a French brand founded in 2001 that is characterized by its timeless collections that play with colors for a fun and familiar identity. In addition to finding clothes for babies and children, this brand is characterized by giving color to its designs with natural pigments.

Sustainable clothing brands

Christina Rohde

Christina Rohde is a fashion designer who launched her own brand under her name. Since its creation in 1991, the brand has been characterized by caring for the environment and people through sustainable decisions so that its customers look good and, at the same time, are taking care of planet Earth.

Each of its inputs is manufactured in Europe to give priority to land freight instead of air. Its production is based on orders sold to avoid excess stock and both the cotton and the prints are certified organic to guarantee sustainable, long-lasting clothing collections with a timeless design.

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children's fashion brand, with fun, modern, fresh prints, and a casual touch. The clothes are made from organic cotton which gives freshness to the fabrics. If you or your children are fans of pandas, Mini Rodini is the ideal brand to wear as they are found in each of their collections.

Where to buy conscius clothing brands

Finger in the nose

A French jeans and sportswear brand founded in 2003 by a Norwegian designer with a passion for denim, but also for durable designs made with organic cotton, alpaca wool and other eco-friendly materials such as French duck feathers and down.

Gallucci Shoes

When it comes to dressing with ecological brands, you don't have to settle for just clothes and accessories, shoes can also be sustainable. The Gallucci Shoes brand knows this very well, and for some years now it has taken measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This brand has not only taken care that its production processes are friendly to the environment, but it also has rainwater recovery tanks, waste recycling and ensures that its workers are treated with dignity and respect and without child labor exploit. In addition, their shoes are made by hand and have spectacular designs.

What is consciuos clothing

The Animal Observatory

This brand is one of the most committed to sustainability. In addition to the fact that the cotton garments are made with virgin cotton, they have also implemented circular economy systems to recycle raw materials since the clothes with defects left over from previous seasons are recycled to create new textiles used in their sustainable collections.

Other of its commitments to sustainability are packaging made with Kraft paper, recycled paper labels, paper logo stickers, agreements only with suppliers committed to the environment. This would not be enough without the originality and beauty of their clothing designs for babies and children.

Wolf & Rita

Wolf & Rita is a Portuguese family brand with more than 30 years of experience making high-quality clothing, with designs based on artistic movements. In addition to promoting local production, they work with a charity that supports and shelters children in need. On the sustainability side, Wolf & Rita is characterized by the reuse of defective or surplus clothing and fabrics from previous collections as a contribution to caring for the environment.

Clothing brand sustainability

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage is a very special children's clothing brand that is characterized by its slow fashion approach and its vintage boho style. Each collection is unique due to its finishes, design, materials such as animal print and high-quality fabrics, made to last forever. In their designs you will find sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, wool, lyocell, among others to take care of the environment and, at the same time, that the little ones in the house feel comfortable and special wearing their clothes.

The New Society

The New Society is a children's clothing brand with a distinctive culture that is characterized by sustainable collections thanks to the use of natural, recycled materials, which are produced in Portugal, in addition to processes where water consumption is reduced, the use of natural paints and the elimination of plastics in packaging. The brand ´s purpose is to create clothing collections with beautiful and modern designs, with processes that have a positive impact on the environment and the use of resources.

Find them at C'est Chou by Sienna

At C'est Chou by Sienna we care about wearing clothes from brands that are produced with an ecological conscience, friendly to the environment and, above all, with spectacular designs!

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